Project Description

IVS did a GA (General Assembly) for Accountancy Europe. Accountancy Europe consists of 51 professional organisations from 37 countries that represent more than 1 million professional accountants, auditors and advisors. The voting for the new candidates became a hard one because only 2 out of 5 candidates could be elected; this eventually resulted in a draw.

IVS supports the meetings of Accountancy Europe twice a year. During the meeting in June there are no members physically present, so the voting was and will be done with IVS Online. The December meeting will be, most of the time, supported by IVS’s voting systems. Usually, most of the members are and will be physically present during this meeting. The ones who are not physically present during that meeting, give a proxy to their colleague or vote prior to the meeting. In the afternoon there was an informative gathering for the visitors.