History Interactive Voting System

The Interactive Voting System exists over 30 years. The basis of the voting system was developed in 1979 for a bureau for opinion polls in the Netherlands. During the years the IVS has developed from a simple wired system with only one possibility to a valuable communication device using highly developed wireless communication.

The early years

At that time the software worked with an Amiga PC. The newest software operates under any version of Microsoft Windows and is simple to use for everyone. In the beginning IVS was used to collect opinions. A group of people could react on a proposition and indicate whether or not they agreed.

The base of the IVS has always been:
Interaction with a group

IVS Nowadays

Nowadays multiple companies and organizations are using the IVS System for various goals. Data of a group can simple be gathered for evaluation or research. By saving the results per participant a competition can be added to a knowledge test and consensus can be determined during a meeting.