Online voting

Besides the different voting pads we also offer the option to use our online application (IVS-Online). You can use it to create questions or surveys and present them. Your audience can participate by using a smartphone, tablet or any other device that is equipped with a browser. This is the perfect solution when you do not want to use voting devices. It is even possible to participate in a meeting while not physically being there.

Online voting with IVS Online
  • Wireless

  • No voting devices needed

  • Identification possible

  • Various types of voting

  • Applicable for a variety of meetings
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Types of voting

IVS Online offers three options to use with your questions or surveys:

  • Anonymous voting: When using this type of voting everybody can participate in the voting and there is no link between the answers and the person that gives these answers.
  • Semi identified voting: When using this type of voting each participant is asked to fill in their mail address before they are able to join the voting. This allows the system to identify who is e.g. the winner of a quiz.
  • Identified voting: When this type of voting is used, each participant receives a unique login and password. Participation is only possible when these are filled in.


Want to use IVS Online? You can choose from three options:

  • Hand in your survey: When choosing this option you only need to hand in your list of questions and, when identified voting is required, the list of participants. We prepare and support the meeting. We can also advise you how to create your questions.
  • Use of the application for an event: When choosing this option you will have full access to the application for a limited period of time. You can prepare, test, present and collect the results. We can also arrange this for you so you will only have to present it yourself.
  • Use of the application for a year: If you want to use the application on a regular basis this would be the best option. You will have full access to IVS Online for a year.