IVS mountable keypads

The IVS mountable keypads offer a great way to create interaction during training, presentations and lectures that always take place at the same spot. These flush mounted keypads are easy to use and are proven student proof. The first installed system at the University of Delft are is still used. These keypads are very useful for lecture halls and presentation rooms.

IVS mountable keypad
  • Wired

  • 14 keys

  • Flush mountable

  • 4.400 keypads

  • Identification possible

  • Stainless steel

  • Studentproof

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The IVS mountable keypad has 14 keys to answer questions or cast a vote. The keypads are flush mounted in seats or tables so every participant has access to a keypad. Identification is possible based on the position of the keypad. The IVS mountable system can easily be extended by using IO modules.

CC100 Clustercontroller

The CC100 Clustercontroller gathers the votes of the keypads and sends them to the computer. The 19” housing perfectly fits into the 19” rack with the rest of the equipment. One CC100 Clustercontroller can handle up to 100 mountable keypads

Extending the system with IO modules

By connecting IO modules to the CC100 Clustercontroller you can extend the number of mountable keypads to 1.100. You can connect up to 10 IO modules to one controller each handling 100 keypads. If desired you can extend the number of Clustercontrollers to connect even more keypads.