IVS RFII keypad

The IVS-RFII keypad is our most advanced keypad when it comes to possibilities. The keypad is equipped with an LCD screen and a chip card reader which allows it to be used for a wide range of applications such as shareholders meetings, council meetings or political party congresses.

IVS RFII keypad
  • Wireless

  • 15 keys

  • 100 m range

  • 6 channels / 6.000 keypads

  • Identification possible (chipcard)

  • LCD screen

  • Vote weight possible

  • 999 answer options

More information


VS RFII has 15 keys to answer questions or cast a vote. The keypad communicates wireless with the Base Station over a range of 100 meter. Identification, if desired, is possible by using a chip card.

IVS RFII Base Station

The RFII Base Station is the link between keypads and the software. The Base Station saves the results temporarily during voting. The software controls identification and vote weights, if used. In total 6 channels are available for a maximum of 6.000 keypads. (1.000 per channel). The range of the Base Station is 100 meters.