IVS Lite keypads

The IVS-Lite Keypad is the most intuitive keypad we have. Thanks to the straight forward design it is very easy to use for all participants in your audience. IVS-Lite can be used for basically any interactive meeting from training to quizzes.

IVS Lite keypad
  • Wireless

  • 11 keys

  • 100 m range

  • 50 channels / 12.500 keypads

  • Identification possible (ID number)

  • Vote weight possible

More information


IVS Lite has 10 Keys to answer questions or cast a vote. The keypad communicates wireless with the Base Station over a range of 100 meter. Identification is possible by using the ID number of the keypad.

IVS Lite Base Station

The Lite Base Station collects the votes of the IVS-Lite keypads and sends them to the computer that runs the software. You can use 250 keypads on one receiver and there are 50 channels available. This allows you to vote with a total of 12.500 keypads or on 50 sessions simultaneously. The range between Base Station and keypads is maximum 100 meters.