Software solutions

The Interactive Voting System does not only consist of keypads but of course it comes with software. To meet all of your needs we have a variety of software solutions with its own characteristics.


IVS Professional is the most extended software solution we offer for the Interactive Voting system. Among the options IVS-Professional offers are: identifying each participant, show the name of each participant instant during voting and show scores. Final scores or half time scores.

Conference Tool

The IVS Conference Tool offers all options IVS Professional has and quite some extra features. You can e.g. include an Agenda or “Twitterwall” and you can add presentations and documents. Participants can also send questions to the chair.


IVS PowerPoint is our easiest software. IVS Professional is an independent program where IVS-PowerPoint is fully integrated in PowerPoint. If you already use PowerPoint this is the easiest way to make your presentations interactive and involve your audience even more.

Risk Analysis

IVS Risk Analysis gives you a very clear insight in how a group of people rates a list of risks. Risks can be scored on Impact, Likelihood and, if desired, Control effectiveness. The software combines the input and shows the scores in a clear heat map.

City Council

IVS City Council is especially developed to support members meetings, council meetings or any other parliamentary meeting. Each participant receives a keypad that is linked to their name to cast their vote. This shows immediately if every member has voted yet.

A software solution for every meeting

We have the software for every kind of meeting to create interaction! Should you have questions about one of our solutions just let us know. Our experienced sales team love to explain the options and choose, together with you or course, which solution would be the best in your specific case.

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The license (as a keylock) is the same for all IVS systems. Up to 30 keypads the software can be used free of charge. Above this number 2 licenses are available: 1 for a maximum of 250 keypads and 1 for a maximum of 4000 keypads. The license is linked to a software program. One keylock can hold several programs.