Project Description

On the 12th of November 2017 we participated, on behalf of Smartworks Spain, in a conference in Vienna for the NCB. The National Commercial Bank (NCB), also known as the AlAhli Bank, is a Saudi bank which is the second largest bank in the Arabic world and one of the pioneers of the Islamic bank and finance world. The 12th of November was exclusively for the customer, with 300 invitations. During that day, four lectures were given about the worldwide economic development, the effects that went along with it, the developments on the oil market and the Saudi plans concerning the tax development within the kingdom.

Stéphane Garelli is well-known for his knowledge concerning today’s economic status. His lectures are driven by content with a good portion of entertainment to make things more clear to the audience. The goal of Stéphane’s presentations about competitiveness is to challenge companies and individuals to try to think ‘out of the box’ and to confront their strategies with the recent market trends and the current competitive pressure.

Stéphane’s presentation was leading throughout the conference. Every other speaker posted a couple of questions that were related to his presentation. One example of these questions is: ‘In which other industrial sector will Apple become world leader this year?’ A: Watches. B: Artificial Intelligence. C: Cloud computing and ‘After this presentation I feel myself….. A: Optimistic. B: Less optimistic. C: Same. about the global economy and financial prospects.’

During the conference, IVS’s interactive voting systems were very useful given the interaction during the presentations and the polls of the opinions. Because of that, IVS is very grateful to be the company that delivered the voting systems for this conference. It can be concluded that IVS’s interactive voting systems are very suitable for conferences like the NBC Conference Vienna.