Project Description

On Monday the 13th of November 2017, IVS provided their voting systems for Vantage, Switzerland, during an event in Prague. This event was comparable to the well-known quiz Weekend Millionaires. This quiz is a creative way to organize a meeting. During meetings like this, IVS’s voting systems are indispensable. The audience of the quiz was divided in 5 groups of 50 participants. Every group had to answer 15 questions. After opting in the 15 answers, the group with the most correct answers won the quiz.

There are many different ways to present the winning team to the crowd; you can show the overall winner or you can show the top-3 of the participating teams. In case there were two or more teams with an equal amount of right answers, the fastest team became the winner of the quiz. IVS’s interactive voting systems are very extensive and customizable in way that they are suitable for every quiz.